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Posted on January 11, 2019

The Miami Herald recently reported that the late-payment rate for U.S. auto loans jumped in the fourth quarter of 2013. According to TransUnion, car payments late by 60 days or over increased to 1.14 percent in last year’s October to December period.Being late on your car loan payment is never a good thing—a single late payment can hurt your credit score and several can result in the repossession of your vehicle. Here are some ways you can avoid making late payments on your car loan:
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The recent report about the expected decline of auto insurance costs in Miami due to the law against ‘no-fault’ fraud is something the city’s drivers should be happy about, especially considering the results of NerdWallet’s latest study. In the website’s list of Most Expensive Cities for Car Insurance, Miami ranked 9th with an average annual premium of $3,168.75.Such amount is considerable, but you need not leave Miami to save money on car insurance. You can effectively reduce your auto insurance costs even while living in the city by doing the following:
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If you are a Miami resident paying auto insurance premiums, here’s some good news: your insurance costs are about to drop. The reason for lower rates? The state’s law against ‘no-fault’ fraud. As someone who lives in one of the most expensive cities for car insurance in the United States, this should be music to your ears.
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Luxury cars are no strangers to Miami’s roads. This is because Miami is deemed the top market for high-end vehicles, with the sales of luxury cars and trucks making up a huge percentage of the area’s overall sales total. Don’t think that all the expensive rides that cruise the city streets are purchased, though—some of them are leased. Even Canadian pop star Justin Bieber didn’t own the yellow Lamborghini he was caught racing in when he was arrested in Miami a few days back. The vehicle, as well as the red Ferrari Bieber was racing with, was reported to be ‘on loan’ from luxury car rental company Lou La Vie.So if you want to drive a luxury car but can’t afford to buy one, lease instead. But watch out for scams. Dealers have some tricks up their sleeves to make more money from car leasing. Here are a few of them:
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So you took out an auto loan and gave yourself a brand new ride. You probably already know that your brand new ride will not be brand new for long—the moment you left the dealer’s lot, that vehicle’s value depreciated by about 11 percent. It is therefore important that you try to maintain the vehicle’s value. Doing this is most crucial if like many Miami residents, you plan to buy another car in a few years and wish to trade in your current vehicle. Refrain from doing these things that seem harmless but in reality, reduce your vehicle’s value:
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